Want To Be A “Best Place To Work”? Go BANANAS!

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Recently, the Dallas Business Journal posted its annual list of the Best Places To Work. They aren’t the only ones to do so: the Dallas Morning News bestows a similar honor as well, and of course most major cities have publication which recognize companies who set themselves apart in the all-important arena of employee satisfaction.

So, what makes a company one of the “Best Places To Work”? The metrics used to compile these lists will do their best to quantify a variety of intangibles, but we’ll focus for now on a simple concept: happiness, and how one simple idea – providing fresh fruit to employees – can lead to a happier, more productive workplace.


This seems fairly obvious, but studies have been done to verify, and quantify, the link between employee happiness and productivity. One such study, reported in Forbes magazine, was conducted by the UK’s Social Market Foundation last October. In this experiment, tests were devised to increase the happiness of participants, with everything from presentations of comedy clips to providing snacks, including fresh fruit. Productivity increased an average of 12%, and the snacks in particular were even more effective, Companies can achieve this for very little money as well: as Dr. Daniel Sgroi of the University of Warwick points out in the study, “having spent approximately two dollars per person on drinks and snacks, productivity was boosted by almost 20% for a short period of concentrated work,” (emphasis added).

(And what were those productivity-boosting snacks, you may ask? There were “drinks”, there was chocolate…and there was fruit!)


It is certainly true that one feels better after eating fruits and vegetables because we know we’ve made a healthy choice. But there’s a more direct correlation than that. Multiple studies have linked fruit consumption with happiness, most notably the oft-cited Oswalt and Mujcic study published in the August 2016 American Journal of Public Health. This exhaustive study, utilizing 12,000 participants, examined the correlation between fruit and vegetable consumption and an individual’s feeling of well-being and happiness, and how that played out on a socioeconomic level. The tl;dr version: “Increased fruit and vegetable consumption was predictive of increased happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being.”

So, an apple a day (or a banana, or mango, or whatever you fancy) makes a person feel happier, therefore more productive. Therefore, to be one of the “best places to work” and experience increased success, it only makes sense to spend the two dollars (or less) on fresh fruit for the office.

What’s the best way for a company in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex to get office fruit delivery? We’re glad you asked!


ORCHARD At The OFFICE is the biggest and best source of fresh fruit to offices, as that’s all they do. They’re Dallas-based, and they will work with you individually to determine exactly how to best supply your staff with the fresh fruit they need to keep everybody happy. And with a variety of products, they can work within any budget.

Maybe you’re an office of ten. There’s a small basket of 25 pieces of fruit (including the ever-popular clementines) that would be ideal for you. But if you’re a large organization, with a hundred or more on site, you’ll find options available where you can get nearly 200 pieces – or much more! – of premium-quality fruit (which is important, because you want to ensure it gets eaten) including bananas, apples, citrus, pears, and seasonal items, all for roughly 65 cents apiece. That’s a value that fits into nearly every budget, and the returns – in morale and productivity – are measurable and substantial.

Ultimately, happiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy: while none of us can make each other happy, we can make small gestures to improve the conditions of one another. Sometimes it’s as simple as the ability to say “there’s some fresh fruit in the break room”!