Thank you for sharing: OatO at the DBJ Healthiest Employers in North Texas event

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A misty Thursday morning provided a healthy contrast to the burst of color we brought to the Hyatt Regency Dallas.

Despite low-hanging clouds, our spirits were high on Thursday, March 10 2016 as we pulled into the loading dock of the Hyatt Regency Dallas laden with a delectable display of fresh fruit. It was the morning of the Dallas Business Journal’s “Healthiest Employers in North Texas 2016”, an annual event where those invested in corporate wellness can mingle and display their wares before a luncheon awarding the companies that have gone to the greatest lengths to champion the cause of office fitness.

As we got to our display table, our intrepid Chief Banana, Kevin Long, worked with Michelle McGehee Black, our Truckin’ Tangelo, to arrange our assortment of edible delights as I surveyed the scene.

Michelle, Kevin, and Chris give the thumbs up to happy, healthy office fruit delivery in Dallas!

Michelle, Kevin, and Chris give the thumbs up to happy, healthy office fruit delivery in Dallas!

In a past life, Kevin was an advertising director with a background in graphic design. While Michelle works for us in the day, her career is that of hair and makeup artist of the highest caliber. As they arranged intricately-carved wooden bowls piled high with our finest offerings, their eyes sharply attuned to the slightest artistic detail, I once again perused our marketing materials and started the process of networking with future friends and partners in healthy living. Knowing that we would be debuting our organic options at this event, I wanted to make sure that I had my own talking points in order.

As the Marketing Wiseapple, I sometimes feel I have the easiest job in the organization. One needn’t work overly hard to sell fresh fruit at people – it sells itself. “Would you like a banana?” “Yes, please!” The very reason I leapt at the opportunity to take this gig after being quite happily ensconced in my previous role as a music instructor was that I felt Kevin was really onto something – office fruit delivery is a great idea that works. However, not just anyone can do it. It takes dedication to seeking out top quality produce, delivering in a timely manner in attractive and eco-friendly packaging, providing top-notch customer service, and – the reason for our presence on this day – getting the message out.

Winners are announced over lunch for the Dallas Business Journal’s 2016 Healthiest Employers in North Texas.

The actual lunch was a lovely, if somewhat muted affair, as one by one the top 40 employers were counted down, with recipients sending a delegate to the dais to receive a trophy of engraved crystal. ORCHARD At The OFFICE found itself applauding quite a bit as nearly half the award recipients currently subscribe to our office fruit delivery service! Winners represented a healthy cross-section of Dallas industries, from hospitals and healthcare to commercial real estate. (I won’t spoil the surprise by listing the winners here, but you can read the Dallas Business Journal article here.)

Michelle and Linda, one of our most enthusiastic customers, take a moment to chat.

What gives us the opportunity to provide our service to so many of these organizations? To me, the keyword is personalization. As a service provider we want to be as unobtrusive as possible, like an efficient waiter at your favorite restaurant. However, we pride ourselves in making sure that there’s a personal connection with our friends. People like knowing that if you send an e-mail to, I’m the one that’s going to read it. They feel better knowing that it’s David who brings them their weekly 90-piece assortment, and that they’ll get it the way they requested: maybe more bananas for these folks, extra clementines instead of oranges for these other folks. For us, “customer care” is neither a slogan nor a platitude; it is a commitment and a promise.

As the event drew to a close and display items were packed away, we took the opportunity to express our gratitude to those in attendance and those who made such a nice event possible. We’d like to do so here again by congratulating the awardees, and thanking the Dallas Business Journal for hosting. We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s event, and in the meantime, we encourage all of you to LIVE WELL!