Delivering wellness to offices

In the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, one company has taken up the challenge delivering wellness to officesof delivering wellness to offices. As a concept, wellness has become a concern that has found firm footing in the corporate environment.

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the link between healthy lifestyles and productivity. Companies are willing to budget resources to provide everything from smoking cessation materials to aerobic instruction. Weight loss challenges, yoga classes, fruits and vegetables in the break rooms and board rooms all contribute to a healthier bottom line.

A Singular Mission

Richardson-based ORCHARD At The OFFICE has a singular mission. Specifically,  they deliver fresh fruit to the businesses of Texas. By putting together a variety of baskets of top-quality fresh fruit, they allow companies small and large to eat healthy with minimal fuss. But these folks are not mere “grocery-getters.” Their knowledgeable and energetic staff knows their fruit facts. By seeing themselves as partners on a mission to provide health and great taste, ORCHARD At The OFFICE is dedicated to the cause of healthy living.

The Right Mix

“It’s an amazing response,” says Kevin Long, founder, and Chief Banana. delivering wellness to Houston“People welcome the difference.” He should know. He first got the idea when he was employed as a creative director of an advertising firm. Long decided to experiment with bringing in bananas and apples instead of donuts. The result was gratifying. “They attacked the baskets! They were really excited.” So much so that Long got the confidence to take his idea and start his own enterprise in 2010. As the business has expanded, the offerings have increased. Customers can receive the ever-popular bananas, apples, oranges, as well as a variety of pears, citrus, stone fruits, grapes, and berries. “Helping our friends to find the right mix for their office is part of the fun.”

Delivering Wellness

Monday morning sees a flurry of activity at the company’s headquarters, as baskets of fruits are loaded into vehicles. Then, the baskets find their way into offices throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The drivers operate as the primary point of contact and serve to answer questions and note any special accommodations. For the Chief Banana, that’s what it all comes back to. “Fruit is a gift on so many levels. It’s a gift to yourself.”

ORCHARD At The OFFICE can be reached at 972-295-9091 or

This article originally appeared on the D Magazine website on February 26, 2016.