Meeting Healthy Office Goals Is Just An Apple Away

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Today’s Power Vocabulary word is: EUDAEMONIC

eudaemonic (adj.): conducive to happiness

Ron Friedman says it bluntly and succinctly in the October 2014 Harvard Business Journal: “If you’re serious about achieving top workplace performance, making intelligent decisions about food is essential.” He goes on to cite a study published in the July 2014 British Journal of Health Psychology from whence our power vocabulary word comes: “fruit and vegetables consumption predicted greater eudaemonic well-being, curiosity, and creativity at the between- and within-person levels.”

Despite the complex wording, the message here is simple: a company dedicated to wellness needs to take ownership of providing healthy snack alternatives for its staff – and setting up fresh fruit delivery from ORCHARD At The OFFICE produces results that are immediate and tangible. Employees are happier and healthier. It’s as straightforward as that!

There are a variety of tools available to Metroplex business looking to literally trim the fat. In its worksite wellness manual, the Texas Department of State Health Services lists a variety of measures that companies can take to improve the fitness of their workforce, including “healthy food”. Cathy Ross, facilities manager for ORIX, saw fresh fruit delivery from ORCHARD At The OFFICE as the ideal means to achieve this: “We wanted to provide a healthy incentive for our employees, instead of deferring to the vending machines.”

The ORCHARD At The OFFICE concept is simple: companies of any size can visit our website or call 972.295.9091, where our team will help put together a plan to deliver fresh fruit our all varieties and configurations. “In my experience, wellness sells itself,” says Kevin Long, the Chief Banana, as he inspects newly-arrived boxes of bananas, Gala apples, and Bosc pears. “We provide the means to make it easier for everyone. People love fresh fruit, and it’s wonderful to see how excited people get when we show up with a basket.”

Their customers can attest to the satisfaction. “ORCHARD At The OFFICE has been a huge success! The employees appreciate the fresh fruit,” says Tammie Hufstettler of Texans Credit Union, who made fresh fruit delivery a part of their corporate wellness initiative last year. Cathy Ross of ORIX concurs: “there is usually a line to get to the fruit as it is amazingly fresh, and the selection is wonderful.”

To join the healthy office movement in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, visit the ORCHARD At The OFFICE website or call 972.295.9091.