Get the Most from your Wellness Program

Five Simple Wellness Program Ideas

Getting the most from your wellness program tops the list of concerns for many business owners. With healthcare costs on the rise and no relief in sight, helping employees achieve lasting wellness is more important than ever. However, the great news is you can take simple, inexpensive steps to create a healthier workplace immediately.

Share Some Wellness Information

A periodic e-mail linking employees to wellness-assisting agencies is a great place to begin. Whether it’s for smoking cessationnutrition guides, or dealing with alcohol abuse, staffers can bookmark or keep in their folders for any situation that may arise. For instance, we recommend making use of the BeWell Dallas portion of the D Magazine website!

Healthy Snack Alternatives

Bringing fresh fruit into the office is as inexpensive as bagels with all the trimmings and the correlation to a more productive workplace are well-documented in multiple studies. ORCHARD At The OFFICE does all the work in getting the best fresh fruit for your business large or small. With options to suit any appetite, fresh fruit delivery helps you get the most out of your wellness budget.

Fresh fruit stretches your wellness budget

Monthly Coaching

Another cost-effective idea is periodically bringing in a fitness expert to give a brief presentation to your staff. From pointers on what to eat, how to stay fit, or simple daily exercises, a nutrition coach, a personal trainer, or a kinesiologist helps employees achieve their health and wellness goals.

Company Athletic Endeavors

The great thing about business-led athletic events is they are available to companies of any size. Therefore, a business with an employee count of five can join in a relay race put on by the Dallas Running Club.  In addition, informal activities like a softball game at the company picnic encourage employees to get physically active. Whether sponsoring an event or simply participating, an engaged organization helps carry the message of wellness economically.

Wellness Merchandise

Gifting staff members with health-related products adorned with your company logo sends an effective wellness message. Water bottles for runners and cyclists, hats and technical shirts, or even pill organizers all get people thinking about staying healthy.

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Healthiest Fruits to Snack On at Work

Replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit when you’re at work is a great way to keep in shape and to make sure you avoid that afternoon slump. The sugars contained in soda and candy bars give you an immediate energy rush, but can quickly lead to a crash that has you reaching for coffee or energy drinks. The healthiest fruits to snack on at work offer sustained energy and nutrition in every flavor-packed bite.

Fruit contains sugar but also contains lots of fiber, which slows down how quickly your body processes the sugar. It also contains vitamins and other nutrients that you won’t usually find in processed, pre-packaged foods. You might already have your favorites when it comes to choosing a piece of fruit to snack on, but here’s a list of the healthiest fruits.

healthiest fruits to snack on at work

Healthiest Fruit Options

It’s important to eat a mix of fruit and vegetables because different kinds have different nutrients. Experts recommend at least five servings a day, which should include a lot of variety. The following are some of the healthiest fruits to snack on at work.


Bananas are one of the most popular fruits and it’s not hard to see why. They are easy to eat, tasty and contain a range of the nutrients our bodies need every day. One banana gives you 33% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B6, which is important for your nervous system and metabolism.

They are also one of the healthiest fruits to eat while dieting, because a medium-sized banana contains only 105 calories, but can still be very filling! This makes it one of the healthiest fruits with the lowest calories and a great source of dietary fiber.


Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene, a nutrient that help protects against many kinds of illnesses, they are also rich in Vitamin K and one of the best fruits for Vitamin A. As well as being one of the healthiest, they are also a delicious fruit with a unique flavor, which make a perfect snack in the morning or afternoon. 


Apples are one of the healthiest fruits to eat every day and one of the best fruits for vitamins and minerals. A medium-sized apple is under 100 calories and rich in Vitamin C, giving you 17% of your recommended daily intake of fiber. Apples are high in antioxidants, which help fight against cell damage, and a lot of the nutrients are in the skin of the apple. Eating an apple, skin and flesh, provides vitamins and minerals you need, with no fat or cholesterol.


avocadoAvocados are often eaten in salads or mashed up to provide the guacamole in your burrito, but they are actually a fruit. Technically avocados are large berries, though you probably won’t ever find them chopped up in a sundae. What is for sure is that avocados are one of the healthiest heart fruits and the best healthy green fruits.

Avocados are high in healthy fats, which are good for the heart. They are also one of the healthiest fruits for Vitamin K, an important nutrient for the blood.


Citrus fruits like clementine oranges are among the healthiest fruits for vitamin C, which is crucial for the growth and repair of every part of your body. Vitamin C helps keep your skin, muscle, bones and teeth in top condition, and is one of many healthy hair fruits. Clementines are smaller than most oranges, and so are quick and easy to eat, but still give you 60% of your daily intake of Vitamin C.

With just 35 calories in one clementine, you could eat an entire bag and consume fewer calories than one doughnut!

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Providing Superior Customer Service

superior customer serviceAs ORCHARD At The OFFICE is firmly in the service sector, superior customer service is the principle by which our company lives and dies. Our organization simply must be experts in how to provide great customer service. Everything comes down to managing customer expectations. There is an art to this, which at times requires utter pragmatism and a bit of “going with a gut feeling.” Still, there are the general principles to which one can adhere. Below are examples of the premises by which ORCHARD At The OFFICE operates.

Immediate Response to Customers

We pride ourselves on a 24-hour turnaround in resolving customer issues. Key to that is communicating back: if they leave a message, return the call. If they send an e-mail, reply right away. Simply validating the customer’s concerns by acknowledging the message was received and a resolution is forthcoming goes a long way. It is a vital component of how to retain customers.

Inform Customers of Temporary Difficulties

At ORCHARD At The OFFICE, “our problems are NOT your problem”. In the coming months, the oranges we supply will be less plentiful owing to Hurricane Irma’s impact on the U.S. crop. We are taking the position that this will not impact what our customers pay for our product. However, during the hot summer months when citrus crops, in general, are not of the quality one can find the rest of the year, we have learned to let our customers know in advance, and to offer alternatives. Customer service sometimes means heading issues off at the pass.

Give a Little to Get a Lot

There’s an attitude of caring and a system designed to promulgate superior customer care. That’s why, at ORCHARD At The OFFICE, “the buck stops here.” Getting fresh fruit to your business is all we do and that is the heart of superior customer service.

Chris Buchanan is the Operations Wiseapple for ORCHARD At The OFFICE.
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The Best Banana For the Buck

The best in fresh fruit delivery for D/FW

An office fruit delivery company’s value proposition keeps them lean and hungry.

Richardson-based ORCHARD At The OFFICE started in October 2010 with a single and simple concept: delivering fresh fruit to businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. It’s proved to be a winning idea and we’ve long been the largest office fruit delivery service in north Texas. Our hundreds of clients have staff sizes ranging from two to two thousand, and we treat each of their regular deliveries with the same care we’d show our best friends.

As the Operations Wiseapple, I’ve gotten to see firsthand what’s worked for us, and thought about what might be useful for other small businesses in any industry. It would be accurate to say the keys to our success have been “perseverance”, “focus”, or “determination”, but these generalities do not inherently guarantee longevity. Many businesses founded on good ideas fail. The entrepreneurs involved had loads of determination and focus, and persevered until the bitter end. What’s been the difference for us, in a practical sense?

While there are many answers, some of which I’m too involved to divine, a primary principle I can share involves responsible use of budgets. In our office, we call it getting “the best banana for the buck”. Quite simply, when dealing with any expense, we ask ourselves “will this improve the quality of our customer’s experience?”

A question like this can cause one to be either miserly or extravagant. It can result in spending an exorbitant amount of time and dime attempting to quantify the effects of spending. (“Did customer’s perceptions of our service increase or decrease when our representatives wore salmon-colored collared shirts as opposed to navy?”) I can’t speak to what’s right for every business, but I can freely share our own experience, based on trial-and-error, that’s helped us walk an acceptable middle path.

Aesthetic Value: A Modest-But-Inviting Workplace

During the boom-and-bust of the “ bubble” in the late 1990s, one trend stood out to me more than any other: given a tremendous amount of speculative seed capital, startup companies would rent lavish office space, often laden with sleek Scandinavian furniture, and spare no expense to make their working environment impressive to customers and inviting to talented employees. Of course, most of these web-based firms hadn’t actually worked out monetization, and the predictable result, as history illustrates, was that most went belly-up, sooner than later.

Our takeaway from this was to make sure we found the line between an overly-Spartan and ostentatious workspace. To give a few practical examples: do we need to spend money hiring professionals to stencil our logo on the walls? Not for us. We’re fairly certain our employees know where they are and who they work for. Do we really need nice furniture or fancy artwork? To these, we answered: yes, to a point. We do want our employees to feel comfortable – simple amenities like a couch to relax or healthy snacks (including the fresh fruit we supply) have been shown in studies to create more productive employees. But we have found no added value in buying expensive new furniture, and at the same time we didn’t want to chuck some smoky craigslist abomination of a sofa into a dimly-lit “break room”. Instead, we simply brought surplus items from home and encouraged staff to do the same. It’s created a cozy, eclectic environment that makes hours seem easier and lets dollars go farther.

Driven by Principle: Spreading the Word

On the one hand, a family business must be realistic about its budget. On the other hand, if it only spends like – or thinks like – a family business, that’s all it will ever be. ORCHARD At The OFFICE wants to make sure people are aware of who we are and what we do, but how do we best accomplish that?

This is where the “quality of experience” yardstick comes into play. It would not, in our estimation, help existing or prospective customers enjoy our fruit more if we invested in wraps for our delivery vehicles. Instead, that money is invested in making sure the vehicles we own work, and reliably. Money spent on maintenance goes much farther than money spent on décor, though of course, the two are not mutually exclusive. Additionally, ORCHARD At The OFFICE made the decision many years ago that it would make more sense to pay for someone else’s well-maintained vehicles than try to own a fleet of our own, and so we rent vans as needed throughout the week. We’ve found it works better than asking drivers to put mileage on their own cars (to which they may not apply the same maintenance standards), while keeping us from having to pay for an abundance of vehicles that don’t need to be in service on a daily basis.

So this frees up some money – but where to use it? Our goal isn’t just to have minimal expense, and we still need to promote it. For us, there’s been a variety of methods, but one that’s been of benefit to us (and would be to many others) has been to look to contribute to civic organizations with goals similar to our own.

A primary example is our partnership with the Dallas Running Club, who host a race nearly every month. We’ve been supplying bananas for the athletes to enjoy at the finish line for quite some time, and the exposure has been invaluable. It’s an obvious example of a win-win, and we’re happy to know that regardless of the outcome, we’ve helped contribute to a healthier Dallas! After all, that is the bedrock upon which ORCHARD At The OFFICE was built.

These specific instances may be unique to us, but they are again meant to be illustrative of how the principle of “best banana for the buck” (or “best product for the dollar”, or “best service per cent”) can be applied to all facets of a business, great or small.

Use the Entire Apple

I cannot verify if any group of people, indigenous or otherwise, made use of every bit of any animal they hunted. I can only say that for our business, the idea of repurposing as much as possible has helped us control costs and aided in budget decisions.

To give one example: the Jazz apples we use arrive in cardboard boxes. Obviously, we sell the apples, but what to do with the boxes? The answer was quite simple: for those who wanted a greater quantity of fruit but didn’t require the aesthetic appeal of our trademark baskets, we offered the Office Select Box. The produce is all still hand-selected to guarantee quality, but we don’t spend the money on presentation in a fancy box emblazoned with our logo. This helps us keep the cost down, and instead put the packaging money into buying the baskets for those who want them.

This idea holds true with all our fruit boxes – we use them, as is, for shipping and distribution wherever possible. We let the quality of the product be our brand, and in that regard, we spare little expense. The aforementioned Jazz apples cost considerably more than the thick-skinned Red Delicious doled out to you in the school cafeteria…and with good reason. They’re objectively better quality, and thus meet our criteria of “best banana for the buck”.


Perhaps your organization operates under an entirely different premise. You may read every sentence I’ve written and think “we would do the exact opposite”. If that is your reaction, I will still feel I have done a service as my goal is not to seek agreement, but to get small business managers thinking. Considering the “how” and “why” of success allows us to continue down the right path while perhaps taking corrective steps. I certainly encourage other entrepreneurs (or those who work alongside them, as I do) to put their own thoughts and ideas to paper, ideally after enjoying some fresh fruit from ORCHARD At The OFFICE!

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Fresh Fruit Delivery Is A Favorite Amenity

office fresh fruit delivery

Fresh fruit delivery straight to the office is just another reason to love where you work. In addition to quick response times by facilities departments, amenities is the keyword in the world of creating office homes for businesses. “An amenity package can make a statement that differentiates a building from the competition” states a white paper from Colliers International. Not surprisingly, one of the most desired amenities is accessible food options.

Amenities Make An Impact

Increasingly, property managers and leasing offices are finding value in office fresh fruit delivery from ORCHARD At The OFFICE.  Amenities demonstrate a personal concern for tenant welfare that can make the difference in where a business makes its home. Fresh fruit delivery is an affordable, high-impact offering that virtually every tennant appreciates.

When Transwestern’s Aimee Robinson wanted to go above and beyond for her tenants, she let them know that every Monday morning, ORCHARD At The OFFICE would be arriving with a wide variety of fruit. The response was immediate and overwhelming!  Last month, when the Granite Properties acquired the building, the management team quickly saw the value of maintaining the arrangement.

Set Your Workspace Apart

Most office buildings tout conference centers, restaurants, and in-house conveniences. Making a special note of the availability of superior-quality fresh fruit delivery from ORCHARD At The OFFICE adds one more item in the plus column for current and prospective lessees.

Shared office spaces have made amenities their key differentiator since their inception. In 2015, Meridian Business Centers made fresh fruit supplied by ORCHARD At The OFFICE available to the tenants at all thirteen of their Metroplex locations. Tenant satisfaction has increased and delivery drivers note that there’s never a single piece of fruit left when they arrive to refill the kitchen bowls.

Personalized Attention

“We get a lot of positive feedback about the fruit,” says Chelsea Bascom, manager of Meridian’s Las Colinas location. “It’s important for our clients to feel they’re getting personalized attention. That really comes across in the details, and that includes providing fresh fruit.”

“I love having the service available,” says Brad Wohlander, CEO of Sentry Global Technologies, who offices with Atrium Executive Business Centers. “It’s great to know when I arrive in the morning there’s a banana or an apple waiting for me.”

To inquire about fresh fruit delivery for your building or office, visit, e-mail or call 972-295-9091.