The surprisingly versatile pear!

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Distinctive in shape, texture, and color, the pear offers a nutritious alternative to typical office snacks. ORCHARD At The OFFICE is providing several varieties of pears with each basket and box we deliver, and here’s a more detailed look at this uniquely-styled bundle of goodness.

There are more than 3,000 varieties of pear grown in the world, but the majority sold in America come from the Pacific Northwest: Washington and Oregon. Of these, the Bartlett is the type that comes to mind for most people when they hear the term “pear”. Sweet and juicy, Bartlett pears are either bright green (becoming golden as they ripen) or bright red in color. In contrast, Anjou pears have a slightly more rounded shape, but otherwise share many of the characteristics of their Bartlett counterparts. Occupying its own place in the ORCHARD At The OFFICE lineup is the distinctive Bosc pear, with its rust color, long, thin neck, and exceptional sweetness.

The quality of the pear’s flavor is only matched by its nutritional value. A standard pear is only 86 calories and provides 18% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of fiber, 10% the U.S. RDA of vitamin C, and 5% the U.S. RDA of potassium. It is fat-free, low in sodium and cholesterol, and its natural sugars provide the energy to keep a workforce feeling refreshed and energized.

The versatility of the pear is demonstrated in its varieties. Pears range in size from the tiny Seckel to the grapefruit-sized Asian pears. (The term “Asian pears”, while accurate, is also misleading, as there are a great many varieties grown in China, which as a nation accounts for over 2/3 the global pear production.) A Ukranian pear called Humbug is your classic pale green with vertical pale yellow stripes, and residents of Texas will of course be familiar with the “prickly pear” which grows on cactus and is edible – though in limited quantities!

ORCHARD At The OFFICE supplies pears you can consume at work in their natural state. But there are lots of ways to serve pears at home. Pears make excellent preserves, crisps, tarts, and even as a sweeter substitute for apples in pies. The method of preparation depends on the variety of pear you’re using, so check the recipe carefully.

The next time you’re ready to snack, look for the pear shape in the basket with the distinctive ORCHARD At The OFFICE logo!