Our variety pack: a delectable culinary adventure!

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We’ve recently introduced the “variety pack” to our add-on options. When we first started ORCHARD At The OFFICE, the largest fresh fruit delivery service for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, our vision was to supply the Metroplex with a vast assortment of fresh fruit for healthy snack alternatives. Over time, we discovered that the majority of offices craved an abundance of our staples – bananas, apples, and citrus – but we wanted to accommodate those whose palates favored more exotic fare. Hence the variety pacK: each week, a new arrangement of seven pieces of hand-selected finds for only $10!

One example of the ORCHARD At The OFFICE variety pack.

One example of the ORCHARD At The OFFICE variety pack.

In the above example, you’ll see the following: a small hand of red bananas, a SweeTango apple, both an asian and a Seckel pear, the distinctive blood orange, a mango, and the comparatively-familiar avocado.

The red bananas are a real prize hailing from Central America, known for their distinctive appearance and sweet flavor best described, to my mind, as “strawberry-banana”. While not as aromatic as their more familiar yellow-skinned counterparts, their softer texture and pop of flavor makes them a big hit in the foodie fraternity.

The SweeTango apple is a hybrid of the popular Honeycrisp apple and the lesser-known Minneiska. These apples originated in Minnesota and have the trademark sweetness of the honey crisp with a refreshing note of tartness.

Mangoes are a tropical stonefruit with a unique texture and flavor best described as “like being on vacation”. They are loaded with vitamins A and C, and make an excellent primary ingredient in smoothies.

Blood oranges are derived from the European continent, and when you cut into one there’s no mistaking it for its conventional navel or Valencia counterparts!

Asian pears (which often come in their stylish protective mesh) have a firmer texture which provides a satisfying crunch, placing them halfway between the standard pear and an apple. The ones we provide are usually grapefruit-sized and ideal for sharing!

By contrast, Seckel pears tend to be much smaller – and sweeter! In the same way clementine oranges are the “fun-sized candy” of the citrus kingdom, so too are the Seckel pears. High in fiber, Seckel pears remind us that good things do come in small packages.

Much can be said about the avocado – and is! These highly-versatile stonefruits, like their tropical counterpart (the mango), are seeing a resurgence in popularity owing to their nutrient-laden fruit, smoothie-perfect texture, and mild flavor that marries well with a variety of other flavors both sweet and savory. ORCHARD At The OFFICE is proud to serve avocados and will even provide you 3 ready-to-eat avocados for only $5!

The next time you want to step out from the norm and “taste the world”, simply call us at 972.295.9091 or go to ORCHARD At The OFFICE‘s website and select our Variety Pack. Each week is a new and tasty adventure!