Beat the Slump with Orchard Snack Box

Orchard Snack Box and fruit baskets


Office worker in afternoon slump
Beat the afternoon slump with a healthy snack.

Drop by any office a couple hours after lunch and you’re bound to spot at least one person on the verge of becoming an office zombie. Slowed movement, sleepy eyes and the suppressed yawns are dead giveaways. Don’t worry– it’s just the mid-afternoon slump.


The mid-afternoon slump is a common phenomenon in workplaces. Human brains are biologically programmed for a break, and this slump is the body’s cue to catch some shut-eye.

There are several simple options for the worker hitting the slump:

Take a nap. Every office doesn’t offer napping pods or an environment where napping is a workable solution. If the slump isn’t addressed in other ways, they may just doze off at their desks or make errors until the slump has passed.

Grab a cup of coffee. Coffee is an easy pick-me-up for some folks, but it can interfere with one’s ability to fall asleep at night. It’s smarter to have coffee before noon and not risk interference with the sleep schedule.

Eat something. Healthy snacking raises the blood sugar, giving staff a much-needed boost to get through the slump. Improve productivity with a nutritious, exciting refreshment to finish the day strong.

Healthy Snacking Options Made Easy


At Orchard At The Office, we strive to help you conquer the mid-afternoon crash. Since 2010, we’ve provided fresh fruit for companies of all sizes across Texas, expanding our fruit delivery service across the contiguous 48 states. The burst of energy from a fresh piece of fruit can help people productively push through to quitting time.

Of course, there are times when you hanker for something else. Maybe you want something crunchy, nutty, savory or chewy. That’s where the new Orchard Snack Box comes into play. Our variety of nutritious, pre-packaged snacks gives staff grab-and-go options to beat the slump. Bars, nuts, jerky, fruit chews, fruit crisps, savory and crunchy treats by popular brands can provide the perfect pick-me-up.

Not only does the Orchard Snack Box help reverse the mid-afternoon slump and kick that zombie feeling, but it also saves time that your staff would spend trekking to the corner store. The snacks we offer provide healthy energy without the empty calories and sugar crash that cakes and cookies cause.

Sample contents of Orchard Snack Box
What’s inside an Orchard Snack Box?

Orchard Snack Box comes in four sizes: 60, 75, 150 and 300 pieces. Each delivery contains a different variety of snacks from our thoughtfully curated snack lineup, but you will always receive approximately 33% bars, 37% crispy, crunchy snacks, 8% jerky, 10% fruit, and 12% nuts.

There are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO options in every box. Boxes ship weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as a one-time purchase. The thoughtfully-curated mix of snacks changes every week to keep employees’ taste buds engaged. There are no contracts or long-term commitments required.

Fuel your staff with naturally sweet, low-glycemic nut bars, organic, non-GMO whole-grain goodies, or craveable, lean and clean protein sticks. From nutritious breakfast bars to spicy, savory protein-packed crisps, everyone will find a favorite. Become the office hero when you unbox the Orchard Snack Box. Let us help you prevent the office zombie workpacolypse.

Fresh Fruit At The Office Sells Itself

fresh fruit at the office sells itselfWe don’t sell our fresh fruit delivery service so much as offer it. “Would you like fresh fruit delivered to your office?” After that, it’s simply a matter of sorting out the details. ORCHARD At The OFFICE is proud to provide fresh fruit delivery to businesses throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area. It’s what we do and it’s all we do. Our singleness of purpose gives us the ability to focus on providing the highest quality service to the best of our ability.


Our fruit baskets consist primarily of “the ABCs” – apples, bananas, and clementines. Bananas are the most popular fresh fruit, not only in Texas but in all of the United States. Americans consume an average of 13.5 pounds per person! The apples we use are primarily JAZZ, a cross between Gala and Braeburn with a subtle sweetness and enduring firm texture that satisfies most palates. Of course, we offer a variety of other fresh fruit, including grapes, berries, mangoes, and so on. With the popularity of the ketogenic diet, we’ve also seen a spike in avocado demand and are happy to accommodate.

fresh fruit in fitness center


In the past decade, one of the major corporate catchphrases has been “wellness programs.” Company-driven initiatives to promote employee health are encouraged and incentivized. In its worksite wellness manual, the Texas Department of State Health Services lists a variety of measures that businesses can take to improve the fitness of their workforce, including health fairs and “healthy food.” This is, of course, where fresh fruit comes in. (For more information on what your company can do, refer to this D Magazine blog post on “Getting The Most From Your Wellness Program.”)


In 2017, we shared some of our secrets on ORCHARD At The OFFICE customer service, and we could probably write a dozen or more articles on the topic…especially as we learn more all the time. The most salient points for anyone thinking “what’s the best office fresh fruit delivery near me?” that comprise the ORCHARD At The OFFICE difference are:

  • We’re local. As a Texas-based company, we can be attentive to your needs in a way that is simply not possible for any larger operation. We’re your neighbors in DFW and Greater Houston and think of you as such.
  • Personalized attention. It never benefits us to oversell. We want you to get “the best banana for the buck”. We’ll work with you to get the quantity and variety you want in a mutually-beneficial arrangement.
  • Simple financial terms. There are never any contracts, so you can try us out with no commitment. We’re certain our fresh fruit and obsessive customer care will keep you coming back. We’ll work with you to provide the service you need. Payments can be made by check (paper or electronic) or credit card.


Some of the offices we serve have a staff of 5. Others have a workforce of 3,000. Therefore, we’ve developed options that will accommodate any office. While our most common order is a weekly delivery of a Premium Large Basket which holds 50+ pieces of fruit,  we’ll gladly deliver smaller orders such as our Mini Basket (16+ pieces), all the way up to our “Fortune 600 Special”, a bulk special that will satisfy hundreds of staffers. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Visit the ORCHARD At The OFFICE website to get Wellness Delivered today.

If you’d like to speak with someone directly, call 972-295-9091.

Singleness of Purpose

specialize in office fruit deliveryIt is very easy for me to explain my job.

“We deliver fresh fruit to offices,” I say when asked by friends and family about ORCHARD At The OFFICE. The key to our success, the idea which has made us the largest office fruit delivery service in Texas since our 2010 inception, is that we focus on doing one thing in a manner that exceeds expectations. We provide fresh fruit for offices. Do we also provide pretzels, coffee, nuts? No. Fresh fruit is what we do and it’s all we do – so we do it better than anyone else.

This idea is, of course, not without precedent: most businesses start off in a particular niche, and many flourish if they can function at an expert level. In fact, one of the main perils of business is to stagger off into “similar territory”, only to find the Core Competency they’d identified requires a bit more effort than they’d imagined.

An example with local ties: a restaurant franchise built around a single food item – chicken fingers – might leave Shark Tank bigwigs rolling their eyes. Yet Raising Cane’s has taken this business model of a simplified menu and parlayed it into a billion-dollar concept with over 400 locations and three headquarters (including one in Plano). That’s right: two guys had a billion-dollar idea involving serving, not chicken, but a very specific cut of chicken. Doing one thing well can pay off.

ORCHARD At The OFFICE, while not in the “three comma club” (yet!), has also learned there are details involved in supplying fresh fruit to hundreds of offices throughout Texas that one can’t merely bluff their way through by chucking cheap (or imperfect) produce at. For instance, a company that provides vending services including all manner of snacks and beverages to businesses is liable to think “well, we’re in the building anyway – we may as well sell bananas and apples”, not realizing there are basic quality, perishability, and presentation issues that are going to be problematic. Many times we’ve heard from the unfortunate office which got locked into a contract with such a service provider, only to receive mealy, cafeteria-grade Red Delicious apples instead of crisp and flavorful JAZZ, and by the time the employee dissatisfaction with the low-grade bananas becomes apparent, the kitchen area is starting to see a small swarm of fruit flies, ironically infesting the area where the offending vendor proffers their other snacks.

We source the best possible produce and prices that will match our customer’s bottom line, and we’re glad to make accommodations for display, order customization, and payment terms. One of the reasons we decided from the start to never lock our clients into contracts is that we firmly believe fresh fruit sells itself. Superior customer service is only possible if one truly cares, and at ORCHARD At The OFFICE, we’ve found the best way to care is to try to be one thing to all businesses.

If you have an office anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, whether it’s a staff of five to five thousand, we’ve got a package that’s right for you. Feel free to check out our newly-revamped webpage, , and get signed up for the best fruit delivery near you! We’ll talk to you soon, and we thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Nature Nate’s Raw Honey

nature nates raw honey office

Nature Nate’s Raw Honey packs are the perfect addition to your office fruit delivery! They’re the ideal complement to bananas, peaches, and apple slices. Simply squeeze a bit on with each bite! They’re also perfect for those who like to enjoy oatmeal or tea at the office. Additionally, they’re great for infused water with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

As an addition to our Best of the Best (pictured above) or supplement to our bulk offerings, Nature Nate’s Raw Honey packs that extra punch of flavor that will thrill your staff and keep them working happy and healthy all day long!

Delicious Raw Honey

Nature Nate’s is local – they’re on a farm in McKinney! – and they’re wholly committed to the idea of purity. They keep it real via an all-natural process without pasteurization which ensures that the flavor and nutritional content of the honey is as it was upon creation. For ORCHARD At The OFFICE, being able to offer individual packs of this delicious product as part of our add-on specialties is a testament to the value of partnership. Everybody wins!

The Perfect Complement

So, if you’re a fan of honey as well as fresh fruit such as bananas, plums, apples, pears, nectarines, peaches, and citrus fruits, contact us at 972-295-9091!  Whether you are looking for regular fruit delivery to your break room or board room, or you’re having a special event such as a training session or health fair, we are your go-to office fruit delivery specialist in DFW and Greater Houston! With no contracts and easy payment terms, we make healthy snacking simple. Check out our product selections, sign up online…and LIVE WELL!

Nature Nate's Raw Honey
Delicious water infusion with Nature Nate’s Raw Honey and a squeeze of lemon or lime

Office Select Fruit Box Is Wellness Delivered

fruit boxWhen we at ORCHARD At The OFFICE talk about delivering wellness, we aren’t just referring to bringing baskets of top-quality fruit to your company. We’re also happy to bring you our Office Select fruit box: ninety pieces of quality produce your co-workers and customers are sure to enjoy!


First, we pack in several bunches (technically known as “hands”) of Dole bananas. Then we provide multiple layers of a combination of fruits. Apples of all varieties include Gala, Fuji, and Granny Smith. Orange citrus is evenly distributed, from the small and tangy tangerine to the larger, sweeter Navel and Clementines. We also provide a variety of seasonal fruits: plums, kiwi, and several varieties of pears. Finally, the fruit box is delivered to your office by one of our friendly drivers for your enjoyment!


The Office Select provides a healthy alternative to traditional snackables in the workplace. With increasing health concerns for employees and healthcare costs for employers, the switch to fresh fruit in the office is a simple step in a positive direction. You’ll be able to enjoy your dietary requirements for vitamins, minerals, and fiber without having to go on a potentially “fruitless” search of the nearby convenience stores, coffee shops, or delis. It’s all brought to you!

When you have an upcoming event (training session, client gathering, or even fruit boxan office party), the Office Select fruit box provides the perfect solution. The fruit is then displayed with minimal effort. It’s clean, it’s satisfying, and of course, it’s tasty and nutritious. Scheduling an Office Select will make a big portion of event coordination simple and make you feel like a hero!


Of course, it doesn’t have to be staff members at your company enjoying the fruits of wellness. The Office Select fruit box can be shared with your clients in many ways. You can schedule delivery to a client to show appreciation. Many offices make the fruit available in waiting areas for customers who may want to enjoy a snack. There are as many ways for the Office Select to be of value to your company as your imagination allows!

You can order the Office Select fruit box for just $75 for ninety pieces of fruit by clicking HERE. ORCHARD At The OFFICE: wellness delivered!