Expanding To Meet The Needs of Our Community

As more cities across North Texas enter mandatory Shelter At Home periods, Orchard Home Delivery is expanding to meet the needs of the community. From the addition of fresh vegetables and coffee to partnering with a local pie bakery, we are adapting to the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape.

Serving Seniors in North Texas

Our commitment to serving seniors has led us to create smaller fruit packages and a fresh fruit and veggie combination package that is ideal for couples or people who live alone. Since many seniors are not accustomed to ordering over the internet, we now offer telephone ordering. It is our pleasure to spend several minutes connecting over the phone with people who are isolated and lonely. Call us at 972-295-9091 and we will help you place an order.

A week’s worth of fresh produce delivered!

Serving People With Health Issues

Because we know that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for an extended period of time, it is vital that people with compromised immune systems avoid exposure. Our fruit and vegetables are supplied by our trusted wholesale partners and come directly to our refrigerated warehouse in sealed cases from the distributors. This means our produce is never exposed to the public! Deliveries are made to the doorstep in a new, recyclable paper grocery bag to ensure adequate social distance is maintained and delivery professionals never enter a customer’s residence.


Serving Families with School-Aged Kids

Most families in the Metroplex are suddenly homeschooling since schools are closed for an indeterminate period. Parents are juggling remote work responsibilities and children’s learning needs. Bored and antsy kids are gobbling up snacks at an unprecedented rate. Orchard Snack Box features healthier versions of kids’ favorite junk foods. Unboxing a snack box filled with healthy treats is exciting and fun. It helps break the monotony and boredom of sheltering in place. It also saves parents a trip to the store!

Exciting, healthier snacks delivered to your door!

Serving Other Small Businesses

Orchard Home Delivery is proud to partner with another family-owned and operated local small business, Humble Pies. We are now delivering delicious, freshly made pies across the DFW Metroplex!

Humble Pies is owned by Sean and Erin Jett, a couple Orchard knows through our partnership with Dallas Running Club. Having a particular fondness for pie, Sean and Erin began gathering family recipes, perfecting their product, and finally, brought their dreams to fruition when they opened Humble Pies in May 2018.

“Pie is comforting and reminds us of our grandparents and holidays and family dinners,” says Erin. “Pie evokes memories. It’s simple food that is beautiful.” Order a beautiful, freshly made Humble Pie and get it delivered to your house!

Freshly baked Humble Pies delivered right to your door!

Delivering Locally Fresh-Roasted Coffee

Orchard Home Delivery is also partnering with Addison Coffee Roasters to deliver bags of fresh-roasted ground coffee. This exclusive, high-grown coffee has a bright, lively taste with plenty of fruit, and a hint of buttery caramel in the aroma, roasted to medium and ground for drip. A great all-around favorite, this coffee is perfect to homebrew at your own Café Quarantine. 

Locally-roasted, fresh ground coffee delivered to your door!







Working To Save Jobs

Orchard At The Office employs 24 North Texans in addition to being the sole source of income for the founders’ family of 6. However, our business is by no means in a unique situation during this crisis. We are deeply grateful for the support we are receiving from the DFW community. THANK YOU for supporting our small business and please continue to patronize the small businesses in your area. We are determined to emerge from this crisis stronger and kinder. BE POSITIVE AND STAY NEGATIVE, NORTH TEXAS!