Orchard Now Delivering to Homes

During this unprecedented time, we have made the decision to serve our communities by delivering fresh fruit and snack boxes to people’s homes.

Orchard At The Office has delivered fresh fruit to offices since 2010 and we are still delivering to offices that remain open during the COVID-19 crisis. In an attempt to “flatten the curve” and prevent widespread illness, many offices have temporarily closed. Thousands of people in our community cannot safely shop in public.

Social Distancing

Home delivery will allow us to provide fresh fruit and healthy snacks to vulnerable populations like seniors and people with compromised immune systems.  It will enable people who are self-quarantined due to recent travel, illness or possible exposure to COVID-19 to receive fresh fruit that may be out of stock from local grocery store delivery services. It also allows us to continue to employ our outstanding delivery drivers and staff, many of whom have been part of the Orchard team for 5+ years.

Many families are suddenly homeschooling since schools and daycare facilities are closed for an indeterminate period. Parents are juggling remote work responsibilities and children’s learning needs. Getting to the store is much more difficult with several children in tow. Plus, unboxing a snack box filled with healthy treats adds excitement and joy to a monotonous day in self-isolation.

Workplace Safety is Paramount

We are committed to following the CDC Guidelines for workplace safety. Our fruit is supplied by our trusted wholesale partners, not the local grocery store, so our delivery professionals are not exposed to large groups of people.  Deliveries are made to the doorstep to ensure 6 feet of social distance is maintained and we never enter a customer’s residence.

We look forward to serving our customers when their offices reopen and we will continue to serve our community members at home as long as the need exists.

Fresh Fruit At The Office Sells Itself

fresh fruit at the office sells itselfWe don’t sell our fresh fruit delivery service so much as offer it. “Would you like fresh fruit delivered to your office?” After that, it’s simply a matter of sorting out the details. ORCHARD At The OFFICE is proud to provide fresh fruit delivery to businesses throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area. It’s what we do and it’s all we do. Our singleness of purpose gives us the ability to focus on providing the highest quality service to the best of our ability.


Our fruit baskets consist primarily of “the ABCs” – apples, bananas, and clementines. Bananas are the most popular fresh fruit, not only in Texas but in all of the United States. Americans consume an average of 13.5 pounds per person! The apples we use are primarily JAZZ, a cross between Gala and Braeburn with a subtle sweetness and enduring firm texture that satisfies most palates. Of course, we offer a variety of other fresh fruit, including grapes, berries, mangoes, and so on. With the popularity of the ketogenic diet, we’ve also seen a spike in avocado demand and are happy to accommodate.

fresh fruit in fitness center


In the past decade, one of the major corporate catchphrases has been “wellness programs.” Company-driven initiatives to promote employee health are encouraged and incentivized. In its worksite wellness manual, the Texas Department of State Health Services lists a variety of measures that businesses can take to improve the fitness of their workforce, including health fairs and “healthy food.” This is, of course, where fresh fruit comes in. (For more information on what your company can do, refer to this D Magazine blog post on “Getting The Most From Your Wellness Program.”)


In 2017, we shared some of our secrets on ORCHARD At The OFFICE customer service, and we could probably write a dozen or more articles on the topic…especially as we learn more all the time. The most salient points for anyone thinking “what’s the best office fresh fruit delivery near me?” that comprise the ORCHARD At The OFFICE difference are:

  • We’re local. As a Texas-based company, we can be attentive to your needs in a way that is simply not possible for any larger operation. We’re your neighbors in DFW and Greater Houston and think of you as such.
  • Personalized attention. It never benefits us to oversell. We want you to get “the best banana for the buck”. We’ll work with you to get the quantity and variety you want in a mutually-beneficial arrangement.
  • Simple financial terms. There are never any contracts, so you can try us out with no commitment. We’re certain our fresh fruit and obsessive customer care will keep you coming back. We’ll work with you to provide the service you need. Payments can be made by check (paper or electronic) or credit card.


Some of the offices we serve have a staff of 5. Others have a workforce of 3,000. Therefore, we’ve developed options that will accommodate any office. While our most common order is a weekly delivery of a Premium Large Basket which holds 50+ pieces of fruit,  we’ll gladly deliver smaller orders such as our Mini Basket (16+ pieces), all the way up to our “Fortune 600 Special”, a bulk special that will satisfy hundreds of staffers. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Visit the ORCHARD At The OFFICE website to get Wellness Delivered today.

If you’d like to speak with someone directly, call 972-295-9091.

Providing Superior Customer Service

superior customer serviceAs ORCHARD At The OFFICE is firmly in the service sector, superior customer service is the principle by which our company lives and dies. Our organization simply must be experts in how to provide great customer service. Everything comes down to managing customer expectations. There is an art to this, which at times requires utter pragmatism and a bit of “going with a gut feeling.” Still, there are the general principles to which one can adhere. Below are examples of the premises by which ORCHARD At The OFFICE operates.

Immediate Response to Customers

We pride ourselves on a 24-hour turnaround in resolving customer issues. Key to that is communicating back: if they leave a message, return the call. If they send an e-mail, reply right away. Simply validating the customer’s concerns by acknowledging the message was received and a resolution is forthcoming goes a long way. It is a vital component of how to retain customers.

Inform Customers of Temporary Difficulties

At ORCHARD At The OFFICE, “our problems are NOT your problem”. In the coming months, the oranges we supply will be less plentiful owing to Hurricane Irma’s impact on the U.S. crop. We are taking the position that this will not impact what our customers pay for our product. However, during the hot summer months when citrus crops, in general, are not of the quality one can find the rest of the year, we have learned to let our customers know in advance, and to offer alternatives. Customer service sometimes means heading issues off at the pass.

Give a Little to Get a Lot

There’s an attitude of caring and a system designed to promulgate superior customer care. That’s why, at ORCHARD At The OFFICE, “the buck stops here.” Getting fresh fruit to your business is all we do and that is the heart of superior customer service.

Chris Buchanan is the Operations Wiseapple for ORCHARD At The OFFICE.
Visit http://orchardattheoffice.com to get healthy fruit delivered to your D/FW business.