When Are Pears in Season?

are pears in season right now?

If you’re not aboard the pear train yet, you’re about to be. Today, we’ll talk about the season for pears. But before we get to that, we want you to know how special they are. And by special, we mean healthy.

Did you know that pears can help with digestion and heart health? They’re also great at assisting our cells as they fight off free radicals that can lead to cancer. Need we say more? Pears are one of the healthiest go-to snacks an office can buy.

Now that we know pears are fruit champions, let’s get down to business. When and where can we find these natural treats?

When Are Pears in Season?

What time of year are pears in season? We’ll tell you. But first and foremost, are pears in season right now? Good news: yes. Late summer and fall holidays mark the beginning of the glorious pear season.

Here are some common pear types that grow in the U.S. You’ve probably been seeing them at the market lately. The average pear season lasts September through January. But have a look at some specifics below.

D’Anjou Pears

These beautiful pears can take the heat. They’re wonderful raw but also great for cooking. Though you can find them year-round, the best harvest is in September and October.

Bartlett Pears

These are the pear pride and joy of the U.S. They’re soft, juicy, and buttery. It’s a snack you’ll keep reaching for. They’re in season during the months of August through December.

Bosc Pears

These are crisper, and they can even have a subtly spicier flavor. They’re bronze beauties, and you can identify them immediately because of that color. Also, because they’re often the available pear. A favorite option for many. They have the longest season of the three listed: September through April.

Find these details and more here. Harvesting times certainly vary, depending on your region.

We’re stationed in Texas. So, we like to look at the best season for pears right here in our home state. We do our research and provide the freshest produce we can find. That’s a promise and passion we stand by. Try fruit basket delivery in Houston and Dallas from Orchard At The Office!

When Does Pear Season End?

Pears are usually seen as autumn and early winter fruits. Some varieties can take you into the spring months. But likely, you’re seeing the harvest season end around January each year.

Pear Tree Fruit Cycle

The Bartlett pear tree is a popular variety in the U.S. So, we’ll look at it specifically. Pears are an orchard fruit, so they take a while to get started. Typically, you’ll see the fruit after the first 3 years of planting. Five to seven years is when you’ll finally get a full crop.

An established tree will usually yield fruit in 3-5 months after full bloom. These pear trees can live up to 75 years old. That’s one of the longest living of all the orchard fruit trees.

How Long Are Pears Good For?

Fresh off the tree? Pears are good for about a week. They actually don’t ripen well on the tree. So, they’re picked, and that ripening phase begins. You don’t want to put them in the fridge immediately after picking. They won’t ripen in there.

If they’re already fully ripe, they’ll last up to 5 days in the fridge. This will slow the ripening process and make the fruit enjoyable for longer.

where do pears come from?

Where Do Pears Grow in the United States?

There are six states in the U.S. that grow the bulk of the country’s pears. They are California, Oregon, and Washington to the west. Then we have Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania to the east.

California, Oregon, and Washington are the leaders in production.

Where Do Pears Come from Out of Season?

Likely from the same states. Because of controlled atmosphere (CA) storage technology, pears can essentially be put to sleep. They’re stored in controlled environments where humidity and temperature are monitored. When they ship out, the ripening process picks right back up.

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When Are Bananas in Season?

when are bananas in season?

We could cover an endless list of reasons why you and your employees should eat bananas. But this blog post will take you behind the scenes.

First, we wanted to say that these amazing fruits are superfoods that happen to be great for heart health. They give you a boost during the day, regulate your body’s temperature, and protect against cramps and stiffness.

Bananas are the perfect office snack. It’s why we’re taking the time to look at banana season. You’ll discover facts about their growth, harvest time, and more right here. Keep reading to understand the incredible banana and its supply.

When Are Bananas in Season?

Are bananas in season now? What season do bananas grow in?

Two important questions we’ll cover today. Typically, bananas grow year-round. Largely, they abound in Latin America.

And, we’re proud to be in the Lonestar State. So, what about banana season in Texas? Some would say we have a somewhat tropical climate. But it’s difficult to get the fruit to grow in the U.S. The plants themselves are great ornamental additions to your garden, though.

When Does Banana Season End?

Banana season doesn’t end if you’re in a prime location. That moist, rich soil in Latin America (combined with tropical temperatures) is perfect for their growth month after month. It’s never-ending. So, the produce is some of the freshest you’ll find in the market.

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How Long Does It Take for Bananas to Grow?

After a banana plant is in the ground, you’ll see the flowering in about 6-7 months. In the next few months, you’ll see the fruit ripen. All in all, it takes 9 months to a year for the full cycle – bulb to harvest – to be completed.

Banana Tree Fruit Cycle

It’s fascinating, so we must share the story. You’ll hear people say that a banana plant only lives for about a year. After the bananas ripen, their mother plant dies. But she leaves a living legacy behind. As the bananas have been growing, the mother plant produces “pups.” These baby plants grow around the base of their main mother plant.

You can dig up these pups and plant them elsewhere. This gives the main plant more room and nutrients to thrive. But with bananas, it’s a family kind of thing. We appreciate the nature of that.

how long does it take for bananas to grow?

Where Do Bananas Come from Out of Season?

Bananas need tropical climates to flourish. So, you’ll find banana plantations in Latin America mostly. They thrive in and around the equator temps. You can also find them in the Carribean and Africa.

But Latin America dominates the global banana economy. Ecuador is known to be the largest exporter of bananas.

So, when you’re seeing bananas out of season, now you know. They’re nature’s gifts from places like Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

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What Fruits Are in Season Now in Texas?

fruits in season Texas - being shared at office

With every passing season, the produce sections and farmers’ market aisles shift. So, what fruit is in season right now in Texas? If you’re curious, we’ll give you the fruity scoop right here.

Which Fruits Are in Season in Texas?

The Lonestar State is actually one of the largest producers of fresh fruit in the country. Choices seem endless, but you’ve probably noticed an ample supply of some fruits in particular. Below you’ll find the Texas top three delicious fruits in season in Texas. You’ll also find notes about peak season and nutritional benefits.


Availability: June – November

[They’re high in fiber and vitamin C. Low in calories, they don’t contain fat, sodium, or cholesterol. They can help you manage your weight, bone health, and GI tract.]

These staples of fruit baskets are certainly representative of Texas seasonal produce. The peak season for apples usually ranges from September to October. Find markets overwhelming with apple varieties. They’re great for festive autumn pies and ciders. But most of all, for snacking!

what fruits are in season now in Texas?

Apples are loaded with good things, including water. In fact, Harvard Medical School Health Publishing makes good points. Apples are 85% water, so they fill you up without tons of calories.

They’re also convenient. Grab one and move onto your next task. There’s no prep. Eat the entire fruit for max benefits.

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Availability: October – May

[They are a good source of fiber and antioxidants. They can boost weight loss, lower cholesterol, improve digestion, and help with your immune system.]

Grapefruit is also fruit in season now Texas! These beauties really are available for most of the year. Their off-peak season is from July to September, but you can still get them then. But for ultimate freshness, buy them when they’re harvested in the fall through the spring.

Grapefruit is a popular breakfast item and midday office snack, too. They’re very tart with a hint of sweetness. They are vitamin C powerhouses. They can kick the immune system into gear and even reduce severe cold symptoms. Grapefruit is great for inflammation. It reduces risk of heart disease and even cancer, according to World’s Healthiest Foods.

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Availability: September – April

[They’re the vitamin C kings. Just like grapefruits, they boost your immune system. They also improve your heart health, skin, and cholesterol.]

Last but not least, oranges are a fruit in season now in Texas. They’re a fruit basket and holiday classic. Anytime a dish needs citrus flair or zest, we turn to the orange for a vibrant, festive flavor. They’re loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Perfect for a healthy daily snack.

Choline is one of the most important nutrients in oranges, says Medical News Today. It helps with your muscle movement, sleep, and memory. It also targets inflammation in the body.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find good produce in winter. But know that oranges are at their peak in the depths of our coldest season. Their sunny appearance and nutritional value will warm you right up.

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Best Healthy Snacks for Work – Benefits & Office Snack Ideas

healthy snacks for office workers - being eaten in office kitchen

What are healthy snacks to eat at work? How can we help employees make better decisions when it comes to snacking in the workplace?

People spend a great deal of time on the job. About a third of their lives! It’s tempting to purchase processed snack packs or give in to candy. Not the healthiest options. And, a little each day really adds up over time.

It happens, right? Your employees work hard. Sometimes, they’re stressed or just drained. They need fuel or a “pick-me-up” to keep them going strong and performing.

But would they give their best if they snacked on the best instead? It’s worth considering. Today, we’ll give you a few office snack ideas that taste delicious and bring nutritional value to the table – or to the desk, in this case.

Benefits of Healthy Snacks for Office Workers

So, what are the benefits of healthy snacks at work? Let’s look at how healthy snacks for the office kitchen positively affect employees on the job.

The article by Harvard Business Review, “What You Eat Affects Your Productivity,” encourages us to have healthy snacks for work. Productivity rises when we do. Managers, listen up! These are your people. Help them make good snacking decisions.

Healthy in Mind & Body

Fresh snacks for the company matter. It’s easier to graze on good foods when they’re readily available. Your employees need access to delicious and nutritious whole foods. This way, they’ll likely avoid mental fog and sluggish behavior. Food is fuel. We often compare our bodies to Ferraris in this analogy. But would you feed your Ferrari the cheap stuff? You can. But don’t expect top performance.

Energy, Mood & Focus Boosts

Candy bars aren’t cutting it. Employees are facing the afternoon slump and sugar crashes. Grazing on nutritionally rich snacks for office workers makes a difference. Energy is high. Mood improves, and your office maintains healthier bonds. The crew feels good, and they work together. They focus on creating solutions.

Confidence All Around

best healthy office snacks If your office has access to healthy snacks, you’re helping them take healthy steps in their lives. They feel better. They can even begin to look better, gaining confidence. This confidence can give root to healthier relationships around the workplace.

Your customers and/or clients may even notice the shift. When workers eat better, they perform better. When they have clear minds and energy, they make smart and even creative decisions.

Free & Appreciated Office Perk

Most of the time, post-lunch is the most difficult time of the day. The workday wears on, and we’re just trying to keep up. Healthy afternoon snacks for the office will be accepted and appreciated. More and more, people are taking charge of their health. They will reach for the banana or apple if it’s free. If it’s right there! Help your office establish better snacking habits. It’s a worthwhile investment.

8 Best Healthy Office Snacks

A quick scan shows you a fruit-forward list. And that’s the healthy direction we’re headed in. These are, without a doubt, some of the best healthy snacks to have at work. We’ll give you a brief description that explains why.

According to Live Science, here is the rundown:

1. Bananas

Great source of fiber and potassium; sweet and curb appetite; excellent for weight loss

2. Apples & Pears

High in fiber and Vitamin C; low in calories with no sodium, fat, or cholesterol; helps with bone health, GI protection, and weight management

When are apples in season? Find out in our recent blog post.

3. Oranges & Clementines

Known for Vitamin C; improves heart health, skin, cholesterol levels, and immune system

4. Avocados

Praised as a superfood; loaded with Omega-3s, protein, potassium, fiber, and vitamins; low in sugar and great for cholesterol and heart health

5. Grapefruit

Good source of antioxidants and fiber; helps with immune system and digestion; boosts weight loss and lowers cholesterol

6. Grapes

Filled with nutrients and antioxidants; great for the heart; good source of fiber, Vitamin K, B, and copper

7. Strawberries/Blueberries

Small punches of antioxidants; studies show that berry intake is linked to lower risk of cognitive decline (in older adults)

8. Mangoes

Known to boost the immune system, as well as eye and blood health; low-calorie snack with high fiber and vitamins A and C


All of these are great snacks to have at work. Make your office kitchen, break room, or conference area inviting. A rainbow of healthy snacks can do just that!

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When Are Apples in Season?

when are apples in season?

When are apples in season? That is the question. They appear to be available all the time in stores and markets, right? But when are they freshest? When is the true peak?

We’ll hear from apple growing authorities and learn the apple basics. Let’s discover more about this amazing fruit, shall we?

When Are Apples in Season?

Here in the northern hemisphere, apples typically come to us freshest between July and November. Thanks to a global market, we see them with every passing month. Peak season falls between September and October for most of the country.

When Are Apples in Season for Texas?

According to Farm Flavor, you’ll find fresh apples in your farmers market July – October. That’s when Texas harvests come on the scene and are at their peak. That’s when you’ll see apples overflowing. Orchards are ripe for apple picking. And your market purchases taste and look near perfect.

When Does Apple Season End?

Late autumn marks the end of apple season in Texas and elsewhere. Of course, much depends on the weather and the variety of apple. For example, the Dallas News reports Gala, Crispin, Pink Lady, Fuji, and Mollie’s Delicious are ideal for the North Texas area. Galas are harvested mid-August through September. The Pink Lady variety isn’t ready for picking until mid-October.

For more information on a new apple variety, check out our recent blog post about the new Cosmic Crisp Apple.

How Long Does It Take for Apples to Grow?

If we’re talking apple trees themselves, you’re looking at nearly a decade before the first harvest. Some mature within 5-6 years, however. Harvest to Table notes that these trees (10-30 feet) grow slower with age. They can live to be a century old, though!

In the spring, you’ll see apple blossoms. Once the fruit is set, it takes anywhere from 100-200 days until harvest, depending on the variety. Harvest to Table goes on to say that an apple tree can yield between 75-130 pounds of fruit each year.

when does apple season end?

Apple Tree Fruit Cycle

Apple trees are pruned annually in late winter or early spring. This happens right before the apple blossoms appear. The fruit sets after the flowers are pollinated. And 3-7 months later, apples are ready for harvest. After harvest and right before spring blooming, the annual pruning occurs again. The cycle continues.

How Long Are Apples Good For?

Freshly picked apples only last a few weeks. After that, untreated apples go soft and rot. The apples you purchase out of season can be as old as 10 months based on USDA research.

Where Do Apples Come from Out of Season?

Where do apples come from in the winter, spring, and summer? Where are apples from these days?

Apples can be stored. The USDA mentions the gas, 1-methylcyclopropene. Along with controlled temperatures and low humidity, this helps with fruit storage. And that’s why some of the store-bought apples you find outside of apple season can be nearly a year old. This treatment is safe, according to health experts. That’s why the USDA allows it, of course.

Where are apples coming from? Countries that produce the most apples are China, the United States, and Poland. Washington, New York, and Michigan are the top three American states producing apples today.

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