The OFFICE SELECT: Delivering on the promise of healthy flavor!

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When we at ORCHARD At The OFFICE talk about delivering wellness, we aren’t just referring to bringing baskets of top-quality produce to your company. We’re also happy to ship you our Office Select: ninety pieces of quality produce your co-workers and customers are sure to enjoy!

First we pack in several bunches (technically known as “hands”) of Dole and Chiquita bananas. Then we provide multiple layers of a combination of fruits. Apples of all varieties are included: Gala, Fuji, Red and Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith, to name but a few. Orange citrus is evenly distributed, from the small and tangy tangerine to the larger, sweeter Navel and Clementines. We also provide a variety of seasonal fruits: plums, kiwi, and several varieties of pears. The box is delivered to your office by one of our friendly drivers for your enjoyment!

The Office Select provides a healthy alternative to traditional snackables in the workplace. With increasing health concerns for employees and healthcare costs for employers, the switch to fresh fruit in the office is a simple step in a more positive direction. You’ll be able to enjoy your dietary requirements for vitamins, minerals, and fiber without having to go on a potentially “fruitless” search of the nearby convenience stores, coffee shops, or delis. It’s all brought to you!

When you have an upcoming event (training session, client gathering, or even an office party), the Office Select provides the perfect solution. The fruit can be displayed for consumption with a minimum of effort; it’s clean, it’s satisfying, and of course it’s tasty and nutritious. Scheduling an Office Select will make a big portion of event coordination simple (and make you feel like a hero!).

Of course, it doesn’t have to be staff members at your company enjoying the fruits of wellness. The Office Select can be shared with your clients in many ways. You can schedule delivery to a client to show appreciation, or make the fruit available in waiting areas for customers who may want to enjoy a snack while you help them. There are as many ways for the Office Select to be of value to your company as your imagination allows!

You can order the Office Select for just $65 for ninety pieces of fruit by clicking HERE. ORCHARD At The OFFICE: wellness delivered!